Pesticide resistance continues to threaten farmers’ ability to efficiently and sustainability raise a crop each year. NCGA supports the Take Action program, which is a farmer-focused platform designed to help farmers manage herbicide, fungicide and insecticide resistance. The goal is to encourage farmers to adopt management practices that lessen the impacts of resistant pests and preserve current and future crop protection technology.


The following are only a few of the resources available from the Take Action program that can be used when making input decisions that will help steward technologies for years to come. The Take Action program also maintains a mobile app with lookup tools for herbicides, fungicides and insecticides. Click here for more information and quick links to download for both iOS and Android systems.


The Take Action program is an industry-wide effort endorsed by major row crop commodity organizations, university scientists, and crop protection and trait providers.





Take Action Herbicide Classification Chart

Take Action Fungicide Classification Chart

Take Action Insecticide Classification Chart